3D Printed Jewelry

Jewelers spend countless hours carving, casting, and finishing the beautiful pieces they create, but now you can do all that with a few clicks of mouse and a push of a button with 3D printing. Lots of jewelers are making the switch to 3D printing. Since 3D printed pieces of jewelry look and feel exactly like how the pieces were traditionally made. 3D printed jewelry is starting to become mainstream. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this new technological revolution. 

It all starts with 3D printing your 3D model in wax. The 3D printer uses a wax-like resin as printing material. Next, one or more wax sprues will be attached to your model. Then your model will be attached by the sprue to a wax ‘tree’, together with several other models. The tree is then placed in a flask and covered in a fine plaster. When the plaster solidifies, it forms the mold for casting the metal. The plaster mold is then put in an oven and heated for several hours to the point where the wax is completely burned out.

When we Make 3D printed jewelry here in our lab, we use the Brand Bluecast resins to ensure we get amazing pieces, with no gas or ash from burnout, there is barely any post production after.


Best 3D Printer for Jewelry

Choosing the right 3D printer is very important in producing quality 3D printed jewelry. For this, you have two routes to go – either get an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) or (Stereolithography) SLA printer. For many designs, an FDM printer may be more useful. FDM printing opens up a new avenue for using blended filaments which allows you to print jewelry pieces in a mixture of plastic and metal. FDM printing also allows you to print finished jewelry pieces right on your desktop.

Phrozen Shuffle

This printer is flooding the 3D scene with it’s amazing build quality, easy to use interface, and it’s surprisingly low price. This SLA style resin printers provides amazing quality with its 2560 x 1440 XY resolution and building speed of 30mm/hr you’ll be able to print case worths of rings in no time.