Ultimate 3D Printing Store, Florida’s premiere destination for 3D printing machines, supplies and technical services, is looking for tech-savvy voices to help spread the word about the 3D printing revolution!

  • Do you own a 3D printer and enjoy using your imagination to test the limits of your creativity?

  • Are you someone who loves to tinker and customize your 3D machines in ways that might benefit other users?

  • Have you discovered a new, cutting-edge process that may someday become universally recognized within the 3D printing community?

    We want to hear from you!

    U3DPS wants to share your experiences, your know-how and your love for 3D printing with the growing worldwide community of enthusiasts. We’re looking to begin publishing a regular blog on our website that will be updated weekly, if not daily, with posts that you write! 

    What do you get in return?

    Industry Exposure: U3DPS partners with some of the top manufacturers and resellers of the most sought-after 3D printing machines currently available, and those companies will be reading what you write and may provide suggestions for new products and topics for you to write about.

    Incentives: U3DPS will reimburse you for your output with in-store credit that you can accumulate and use to buy anything from our expansive inventory of machines and products. Each approved blog that is published on our website will generate $25 in store credit. These credits will accrue until you are ready to spend them. If you go above and beyond our expectations, and prove yourself to be a consistent contributor, U3DPS may offer an exclusive opportunity for a wholesale buying platform, which is a significant savings not available to anyone else.

    Please note that any written submissions provided to Ultimate 3D Printing Store will become the intellectual property of U3DPS to use at our discretion on our website and in any marketing materials as we see fit. Contributors will always be recognized by name for the work you create, but we ask that you not submit the same written content to any other 3D printing reseller, manufacturer, industry blog or personal website. Failure to comply with this stipulation means you will no longer be allowed to submit content to U3DPS and any accrued in-store credits will be immediately forfeited. All submissions are subject to editing and fact-checking, and may result in you being asked to verify the source of your information or discuss with our technical staff how you achieved a specific result prior to publication.

    To apply to become a U3DPS blogger, please submit the following by email to sales@u3dps.com



    Instagram Handle: @

    Twitter Handle: @

    YouTube Handle: @

    • A brief description of your experience with 3D printing and a list of any machines owned and/or familiar with using

    • A list of relevant topics you would like to write about

    The 3D printing revolution is underway! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to share your thoughts, your knowledge and your passion for 3D printing by partnering with Ultimate 3D Printing Store today!