Moasaic Array 3D Printers

Fully Automated 3D Printing

Mosaic Array Overview

Mosaic is reinventing 3D printing at production scale with their brand new Mosaic Array 3D Printers. The Array gives you 4 industrial grade 3D printers that work together seamlessly with a fully automated robotic print changer to give you maximum up-time to expand your throughput. You can now print a multitude of objects without ever having to touch the printer. All you have to do is add models to your print queue and remove the print cart when it is full. Keep reading to learn more about the great features and benefits of the Mosaic Array 3D printer and how to get yours.

Key Benefits & Features

Expand Throughput

Access increased throughput with Array's automated bed changing and material handling systems. Increase your capacity by ten times. Array's robotic system swaps out materials and print beds to ensure your printers are running even when you're not around.

Increase Flexibility

Print up to 8 materials in a single part, and access industrial materials, including PEEK, PEKK and Ultem.

Unlock Scalability

Run the equivalent of 250 3D printers with a single operator, volume 3D printing is finally here.

Spend your time where it counts

Rely on Array's bed removal and material changing systems so your team spends less time working with printers and more time on other activities.

Unlock Ultimate Flexibility with Palette X

Mosaic's Palette X technology brings a new dimension to your parts. Print with up to 8 materials in a single part to unlock an entirely new range of prints.

Automate your Workflows with Canvas

Access smart queueing, analytics and an equipment dashboard to understand and control all your printing workflows with Canvas Enterprise.

What's the Difference between the Mosaic Array & the Mosaic Array XT?

The main difference between the Mosaic Array and the Mosaic Array XT 3D printers is that the Array consists of 4 Mosaic Elements, and the Array XT consists of 4 Element HTs. Both printers offer incredible automation in throughput, but the Array XT allows you to print with a wider range of materials due to it's increased hot-end and build chamber temperatures of 500°C and 90°C respectively. Check out the Mosaic Array by clicking the button below.

Mosaic Array 3D Printer

Mosaic Array XT 3D Printer

Technical Specifications

Parameter Mosaic Array 3D Printer Mosaic Array XT 3D Printer
Construction Durable All Metal Motion Systems, aluminum outer chassis
Layer Resolution 20-320 Microns
XYZ Resolution 10μm, 4μm, 10μm (X ,Y, Z)
Build Volume 4 Modules of 14"x14"x14" (2744 cubic inches each)
Build Speed 100 mm/s
Build Plate Spring steel build plate, automatically changed via internal robotic system
Heated Bed 0-120°C
Active Heated Chamber None 0-80°C
Nozzle 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle
Max Nozzle Temp 300°C 500°C
Fume Extraction Integrated exhaust fan with HEPA filter; optional 3” external fume extraction hook-up (not included)
Print Modules 4 x independent Element Array modules 4 x independent Element HT Array modules
Build Platform Changing Automated with Array build plate changing robotics
Max Robotics Travel 100mm/s, 100mm/s, 100mm/s (X,Y,Z)
Available Print Materials Mosaic PLA, Mosaic PETG, Mosaic Origin, Mosaic Matrix, Mosaic Dissolve LT, Mosaic ABS, Mosaic Breakaway LT, Mosaic ESD, Mosaic Flex Mosaic PLA, Mosaic PETG, Mosaic Origin, Mosaic Matrix, Mosaic Soluble M1, Mosaic ABS, Mosaic Breakaway, Mosaic PEEK, Mosaic PEKK, Mosaic Ultem 9085, Mosaic ESD
Material Type Mosaic Certified, other materials not supported
Material Bays 8 x 1500cc Material Pods Per Printer (12,000cc/Printer Total)
32 x 1500cc Material Pods in Array (48,000cc/Array Total)
Software Canvas Array, Canvas Teams
Connectivity WiFi, LAN (Ethernet)
Operating Footprint 1.6m x 3.2m x 1.6 m (5’ 2” x 11’ 2” x 5’ 2” )
Power Required 230V AC, 16A
Certifications cTUVus, EN62368-1: 2014, EN55032: 2015, EMC, CE, RoHS
Included Warranty & Service Plan 1 Year

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