HSP1-I 3D Printer

$ 45,000.00

$ 45,000.00

HSP1-I 3D Printer

HSP1-I 3D Printer

Elevate your business with unmatched quality, precision, and versatility with the all new HSP1-I large format 3D Printer.

HSP1-I is the IDEX variant of the HSP1 platform, and enables users to have 2 independent printheads on the x-axis so 2 different materials can be used to produce a part, such as a dedicated breakaway or soluble support material for the primary plastic used to make the part itself. It is powered by a high speed, fully closed loop motion system so both printheads can get the job done as fast as possible in the massive 640mm x 650mm x 1meter build volume. All of this is powered with a standard 120VAC power outlet, and fits through a standard 36" doorway, so you can put the HSP1-I wherever you want, and relocate it just as easily.


Tough-to-remove supports leave a rough, bumpy finish. That's why the HSP1-I is equipped with an Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system, allowing you to print complex geometries with water-soluble support material.

Idex Printheads


The HSP1-I is simple to use and produces high-quality, high-precision prints. This machine utilizes high-performance, closed-loop stepper motors on all axes, even Z! The HSP1-I always knows where the motor position is, eliminating layer shifting. The Z-axis has Nema23 stepper motors with a 10:1 gearbox attached to large industrial ball screws.

For added consistency, the HSP1-I comes with slicer presets for Layer Line Filament, guaranteeing the best results every time.


The HSP1-I is manufactured and supported in the United States! The support team is made of industry professionals with decades of combined printing experience and possess a wealth of information for you to utilize. US-based support provides you with day-of troubleshooting and service, which means no more 12-hour waits between emails!

Manufactured and US Supported
Fits Through Standard Door

Fits Through a Standard 36" Doorway

In addition to the HSP1-I showing up fully assembled and calibrated, it can fit through any standard 36-inch doorway for convenient transportation.

10kg Interior Spool Storage

The HSP1-I holds up to two 10kg spools inside the side panel, keeping everything contained and clean.

Spool Storage
BOFA Air Filtration

BOFA Air Filtratioin

Every HSP1-I comes equipped with a BOFA air filtration unit. Cleanly housed inside the side panel, you can print any material without worry of VOC inhalation.

Multiple Networking Options

You can access the HSP1-I through Wi-Fi, or keep your printer locally contained for more secure prints.

Networking Options

The Specs

Build Volume

X: 650mm / 26in
Y: 640mm / 25in
Z: 1,000mm (1 Meter) / 40in

Machine Dimensions

X: 1320mm / 52in
Y: 640mm / 35in
Z: 1,930mm / 76in

(Fits through a 36" doorway!)

Electrical & Networking

Works with a standard 120VAC 15A Circuit (Grounded)

Full Industrial Breaker Protection

Networked with WiFi or Ethernet, and also works without being on a network


Duet 3 Controller Platform

Open Source RepRap Firmwarev

Filament Detection & Clog Sensors

AC-powered bed heater, up to 110C with Integrated Thermal Fuse

Closed-Loop Stepper Motors on all 3 axes (X, Y, and Z)

High Precision Bed Level Sensor

Independent Tilt and Mesh Bed Leveling

Open Slicer Compatibility - Use Whatever Slicer You Want

Material Profiles to be provided for select slicers

Dual Screens for both local direct control and the web interface without requiring a separate laptop


Print Resolution: >50 microns

Print Speeds up to 300mm/s, Travel Speeds up to 800mm/s

Z-Axis Driven by 4 Independent Ballscrews with a 10:1 Gearbox

X and Y Axes Driven by High Speed GT2 belts

Linear Rails on X, Y, and Z axes

Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) on Y-Axis

1/4" MIC-6 Aluminum Print Bed

Removable Magnetic Flex Plate with Textured PEI Print Surface (Other Surfaces Available)

Integrated Dual 10kg Spool Holders

Industrial Casters with Leveling Feet


Dual Printheads, Independently Controlled (IDEX)

1.75mm Diameter Open Filament Compatibility - Use Whatever Materials You Want

Bondtech LGX Pro Extruders

Dual Takoto HE20 Hotends with Maximum Flow Rate of over 20mm3/s

Abrasion-Resistant Nozzles (0.60mm Nozzle Size By Default)

Dual 50-Watt Industrial Heaters, For 100 Watts of Total Heating Power per Printhead

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