KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner

The KSCAN-Magic composite 3D scanner opens up the world of infrared laser & blue laser technology with five standard working modes: global-initiative infrared laser large area scanning, blue laser crosses fast scanning, blue parallel laser fine-scanning and single blue laser deep hole scanning through a built-in photogrammetry system.

The KSCAN-Magic series represents a revolutionary breakthrough in performance and its unparalleled scanning speed, accuracy, detail, scanning area and depth of field greatly optimizes the 3D measurement workflows and accelerates production. The KSCAN-Magic series can be equipped with a portable CMM K-Probe, providing a comprehensive 3D digital solution for precision measurement even in hard to reach and complex surfaces.


Tech Specs

Innovative Infrared Laser

KSCAN-Magic innovatively adopts infrared laser scanning technology in worldwide. Its ultimate scanning area reaches 1440 mm × 860 mm, achieving precise wide range measurement with ease.

Effortless Efficiency

With 41 laser lines, KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner delivers ultra-fast scanning rate of 1,350,000 measurements/s. By flexibly switching the scanning modes, it satisfies different application needs, dramatically improving working efficiency.

Extreme-clear Details

Under hyperfine scanning mode, KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner can accurately obtain complete data on the surface of complex objects, easily capturing every detail with resolution of 0.010 mm.

Single Laser Line Scanning

Single laser line scanning mode accurately and quickly captures 3D data of deep holes and dead angle positions.

Metrology-grade NDT Measuring

0.020 mm of scanning accuracy and 0.030 mm/m of volume accuracy; deliver ultra-high precision NDT for the aerospace industry.

No Fear of Harshness

KSCAN-Magic supports super-high work adaptability in harsh environment; realistically restores the precise 3D data of reflective and black surface.

Personalized Adjustment

Due to 925 mm depth of field, users can freely adjust the working distance based on the performance of details, efficiency and scanning area.

Massive Functions

Built-in photogrammery system, intelligent edge detection, contact probing and pipe measurement fulfill diverse application needs.

Ready To Get Started?

Rebuild our 3D world with the most advanced 3D scanning system available.


It takes a long time to scan out a four-meter-long kayak. Not only does time factor in, but normal 3D scanners have limitations in how large an area they can scan, and data splicing errors and inefficiency threaten your the quality of your scan.


The KSCAN-Magic series 3D scanner drastically cut down the number of markers thanks to its unrivaled scanning area of 1440 mm by 860 mm, helping save labor, and money. It saves time too, thanks to its lightning-quick 1.35 million measurements per second data collection rate.


Paint protection film falls into two categories: computer-cut and manual-cut. Both are great, but both hand-applied and machine-applied film suffer from the same weakness: any shaking during application may result in an ugly scratch on that shiny new paintjob.


The Scantech KSCAN-Magic series' non-contact scanning, high-precision image stitching, fast scan speed, and fine-tuned 3D data abilities allowed for perfectly scanned automotive body data to properly create a paint protection film with the precision necessary for the ideal coat.


Large automotive molds have long stood as a challenge for inspection for automakers. How can 3D scanning help automakers stand out in the highly competitive automotive manufacturing market?


3D scanning offers a unique solution to large-scale inspection difficulties thanks to its inherent non-contact and non-destructive qualities that prevent any accidental tampering during inspection. Data and shape are collected during a scan and perfectly reveal any imperfections that could mean the difference between a sound and dangerous automotive design. The huge amount of applications of 3D scanning can apply anywhere in life, not just in industrial areas, and the Scantech KSCAN-Magic 3D Scanner series can help you meet your 3D scanning goals.


High-precision aluminum die-casting has many a ton of important macro-scale features, but what can make the difference between quality work and scrap are the tiniest of details. It's easy to see that precision is of utmost importance but how can you tell if you've reached accurate deviation levels and revise your errors in a timely manner?


A 3D scanner greatly cuts down working and inspection time with very few markers necessary. Scantech KSCAN-Magic series scanners guarantee an efficient, accurate scan so that you don't waste time in obtaining the most precise 3D data for a die-cast.

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