Handheld and Desktop 3D Scanners

3D Scanners for 3D Printers, 3D Models, & More

Capture and scan objects with high accuracy with one of the white light, blue light, or laser scanners we offer. 3D scanning technology is perfect for reverse engineering parts, capturing complex geometries, or even the human body. Ultimate 3D Printing Store offers handheld 3D scanners and desktop scanners to meet your needs.

Reverse engineering has never been easier, our 3D Scanners have been selected by our inhouse engineers to provide the easiest way to capture your complex geometries, capturing 100,000s of thousands of points per second with world class support and software workflows. With high end engineering firms charging several hundreds of dollars an hour for design services 3D Scanners are a quick and easy way to jump start your project accurately and efficiently.