Explore all the brands of CNC Machines we offer to find the one that is right for you!

AXIOM Precision CNC Routers

All Precision, No Compromises

Axiom Precision CNC prides itself on being the best small-format CNC you can buy. From the design and quality to the ease of use and after-purchase support with lifetime technical support, Axiom strives to deliver the best CNC experience possible. All of Axiom’s CNC machines, including their base models, are all incredibly well built, using robust steel frames, rigid aluminum worktables, precision ball screws and more. Axiom doesn’t cut any corners on the production of these high-quality, small-format CNC machines.

Carbide 3D CNC Routers & Accessories

Turn your Desktop into a Workshop

Carbide 3D is a leader in the desktop CNC industry. Offering their Nomad 3 fully enclosed CNC and their ever-popular Shapeoko 4 CNC, Carbide 3D is what desktop CNC is meant to be. Their easy-to-use CNC machines fit just about anywhere, from your desk to your work bench, and even in a machine shop. Don’t let their size fool you, these machines are powerful too and can handle just about anything you throw at them.

i2R CNC Routers

Bringing High-Quality, precision CNC Carving, Routing and Milling to the Small Workshop

i2R’s mission is to provide precision, reliability and ease of use through an absolute focus on quality. Don’t let your equipment limit your imagination. i2R builds exceptional quality routers for the small workshop and the home hobbyist to support you in creating beautiful, functional and perfectly finished results! These small-format CNC machines are the perfect choice to turn your woodworking hobby into a small business.

Shaper Tools - Origin

A Revolutionary way to Cut

The worlds first handheld CNC Router, Shaper Tools uses augmented reality to make CNC cutting more flexible than ever before. The Shaper Origin works great for your more traditional CNC jobs, but it can also go where no other CNC machine can go. The Shaper Origin allows you to cut precise, computer-generated designs in places no other CNC router can such as pre-laid wood floors and fully constructed tables. No longer do you need to complete all your CNC cutting before the final product is assembled. Shaper Tools has started a revolution in the CNC market by moving its capabilities off the table and into your hands.

Snapmaker 2.0

3-in-1 Machines Made for Every Maker

Snapmaker 3-in-1 machines combine CNC carving, 3D printing, and laser cutting all into 1 machine, making this the perfect machine for the maker who wants to do it all. Buying a 3-in-1 machine is a great way to save money as you can get 3 great machines for the price of 1! Snapmaker began as a Kickstarter, raising $2.2 million for their first modular machine. They have come a long way since then, now offering a versatile range of machines in various sizes, making sure that there is an option that works for you. A Snapmaker is the last machine you will ever need, whether it is a CNC router, 3D printer or laser cutter.

Zmorph Multi-Tool 3D Printers

The Modular CNC & 3D Printer for Learning & Prototyping

The Zmorph Fab modular 3D printer offers a plethora of options to any maker. Their fast change modules allow you to switch between CNC carving, 3D printing with a single extruder, 3D printing with a dual extruder, or using a thick paste extruder in no time at all. All the options Zmorph offers makes it the perfect machine for teaching a variety of different methods of additive and subtractive manufacturing in a safe and controlled environment. The Zmorph Fab is also great for makers who want to be able to switch quickly between 3D printing and CNC milling, letting you create more, faster.