Laser cutters offer precision and detail that would be tough to achieve without an industrial-grade machine. Not only can these machines cut, but they can also engrave a wide range of materials.

Flux offers three different laser cutters: Beamo, Beambox Compact, and Beambox Pro allowing for an even larger variety of applications. When comparing from Beamo to Beambox Pro, each model has an increased workspace size and wattage (power), allowing for bigger and thicker objects to be cut at a quicker speed. 


When using a Flux laser cutter, there are many options to choose from when creating and crafting. A few of the many materials that can be cut or engraved are:  

Leather Acrylic Wood Cardboard Glass Anodized Aluminum Fabric Stone/Tile Silicone Paper

User-Friendly Software

When it comes to controlling a laser cutter, Flux laser cutters and their custom software known as Beam Studio can be used by beginners through experts to create amazing projects like a pro! Further, features like a live camera preview, allow for ease-of-use with the ability to drag and align an image directly onto an object for perfect placement. 

Flux Laser Cutters - Model Comparison


Beamo is a 30-watt laser cutter that is diverse and has a small footprint. Due to the affordable price of $1899, this high powered laser cutter is a perfect entry point for many different users such as a hobbyist, educational institutions, businesses, and manufacturers.  


The Beambox Compact is equipped with a 40-watt laser cutter, allowing for it to cut thicker materials and perform the cuts and engravings faster. The Beambox Compact can cut a sheet of material as big as 15.7” x 14.7” 

Beambox Pro

The biggest, most powerful, and fastest Flux laser cutter is the Beambox Pro. It can cut thick materials, has a work area of 23.6” x 14.7”, and can cut engrave at fast speeds with its 50-watt laser, while still maintaining outstanding detail and quality. 

Flux laser cutters are equipped with a CO2 laser. In combination with a sturdy frame, high precision is always the standard.

Accessories, Upgrades & Add-Ons 

Beam Air Fume Extractor

The perfect partner for a laser cutter! The Beam Air minimizes particles and fumes that are emitted by the process of laser cutting. The Beam Air also allows for laser cutters to be used indoors without having to worry about running a hose to the outdoors. Inside the Beam Air, there are four main filters that extract fumes. Additionally, a user is able to control the level of power on the Beam Air using a knob. The Beam Air can be used with any Flux laser cutter, including most other laser cutters as well. 

Rotary Add-On

Experience the ability to engrave on curved surfaces with the rotary add- on. Since Flux laser cutters can engrave on glass, stone, and anodized aluminum, commonly round objects such as water glasses, coffee mugs, or anodized aluminum reusable water bottles can all be engraved.  


Each Flux laser cutter includes a signal antenna for easy control via WIFI. While the laser cutters can also be controlled through an Ethernet cable, having the option of WIFI allows for much more flexibility and accessibility.