Peel 3D - Peel 2 Handheld 3D Scanner

Peel 3D has come out with the Peel 2, and it has improved a lot from the former Peel 1, the Peel 1 has only 2 cameras and 4 lasers. The Peel 2 is equipped with 4 cameras and 12 lasers giving you a significant change in the quality of your scan.

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The Peel 2 is a convenient light weight professional grade 3D scanner that outputs beautiful and easy to edit scans that come out at with a volumetric accuracy of 0.250 mm/m and a texture resolution up to 150 DPI. Compared to Peel one which only provided you with half the dimensional accuracy of 0.500 mm/m with a similar texture resolution. This 3D scanner is quite fast too, the measurement rate on it is 550,000 measurements per second.

3D scanning is super easy, all you have to do is scan your object, finalize the mesh in the Peel 3D software, such as cleaning up unwanted parts and and touching up stops the scanner might have not picked up, and finally export your file. You have many different options to export your file to when you're using peel 3D; .obj .stl .zpr .ply .ma .x3d .fbx .wrl.

The Peel 2 can tackles lots of different tasks and textures when it comes to fabric and leather, plastics, organic materials, human features, metals, masonry, and much more. 3D scanning does have it's limitations though just like any other 3D scanner, the Peel 2 has a tough time getting intricate dimensions of items that are translucent, pitch black or are mirror finished, very small objects, and hair and fur.

The Peel 2 3D scanner is a great and affordable option for any company big or small looking to make the stress of 3D modeling disappear. There are endless possibilities with what you can do with 3D scanning, so get one today and see where your imagination takes you.