Wanhao Duplicator 4S Printer, a great 3D Printer that fits on a tabletop.


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The Wanhao duplicator 4S printer is a tabletop 3D printer that makes 3D printing simple and easy even for beginners. This printer comes equipped with a hinged safety door, 2 side safety panels and a detachable hood. It also has great internal electronics. The printer is also extremely durable having a solid steel exo-frame and printing platform and comes with 2 filament rolls offering you 100 different color combinations to choose from.

Features of this printer includes:

  •  2 filament rolls for even more color

  • New MK 10 Dual-extruders

  • Dedicated 1.75mm filament size

  • Layer capabilities of 0.1mm-0.5mm

  • Build envelope size is 225mm X 145mm X 150

  • Filament capabilities include: ABS, PLA and PVA

  • Compatible software/firmware replicator G (open source) Sailfish (open source) Simplify 3D (details)

How Your Wanhao Duplicator 4S Printer Works

The Wanhao Duplicator 4S printer is designed to make solid 3D objects out of ABS, PL and PVA filament. Your 3D design files are translated into instructions for the wanhao duplicator using a USB cable or SD card.

Once your files are translated into the instructions the printer can read the printer will calibrate itself, heats the filament and squeezes it through the nozzle creating a 3D solid object of the file layer by layer. Once finished you have a 3D model to display or use. This type of duplication is known as Fuse filament fabrication.


Types of Models this Printer is Capable of Making

There are a wide variety of 3D models you can make using this printer such as busts and small statues, animals, buildings, food, building blocks, dice, vases, cups, bowls, toys and even jewelry. There are several free online files you can use to make your solid 3D models or you can devise your own models if you are skilled at doing so.


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Who Might Use the Wanhao Duplicate Printer 4S

This desktop 3D printer is designed to be used by professionals and is perfect for architects and people who are looking to make low cost kitchenware such as cereal bowls and cups. However, this printer is simple enough to use that even layman can use this printer to make small gifts for family or friends or even home decorations.



Architects can use this printer to make a 3D model of a home or building for clients, so the clients can actually see what their building and each of room in the building will look like.



Landscapers can use this printer to make 3D models of a client’s yard with the changes they will want to make. This is ideal for clients to be able to see the placement of bushes, statues, or water features when you are planning their landscape.


Jewelry Designers

Jewelry designers may make good use of the Wanhao duplicate 4S printer to make up mocks of their jewelry designs to see how the finished product will look prior to starting to work with the precious metals and real gemstones.

If you are looking for a good 3D printer then the Wanhao duplicate 4S printer may be an excellent choice.

The Duplicator 4S now has the capability to print materials like TPU and NinjaFlex using the Flexion Extruder, precision engineered and machined in the USA