Slice Engineering GammaMaster Nozzle - RepRap

$ 24.99

$ 24.99

Slice Engineering GammaMaster Nozzle for RepRap

The GammaMaster® Nozzle is the next evolution in nozzle technology, forged from the latest advancements in metallurgy and surface preparation technology. For too long, you have had to settle for poor thermal performance when printing with abrasive filaments, but GammaMaster is the best of both worlds. It's the first RepRap nozzle designed for abrasive filament printing that doesn't sacrifice thermal conductivity.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:
0.2mm: P-GM-NO-0558-rep-0.2
0.3mm: P-GM-NO-0559-rep-0.3
0.4mm: P-GM-NO-0560-rep-0.4
0.5mm: P-GM-NO-0561-rep-0.5
0.6mm: P-GM-NO-0562-rep-0.6
0.8mm: P-GM-NO-0563-rep-0.8
1.0mm: P-GM-NO-0564-rep-1.0
1.2mm: P-GM-NO-0565-rep-1.2
1.4mm: P-GM-NO-0566-rep-1.4
1.8mm: P-GM-NO-0567-rep-1.8

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