3D PotterBot Scara V4 3D Printer

$ 19,500.00

$ 19,500.00

3D PotterBot Scara V4

3D Potter's largest model for 3D ceramic and paste printing is capable of printing multiple large object non-stop. It can even be combined with a Continuous Flow hopper to even print structures and walls.

The Scara V4 is the first viable large-scale ceramic 3D printer using real clay. The advanced design and substantial construction can handle on-board loads like the 3D Potter 3600 ml clay extruder or a hose assembly. 

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User Interface

Duet Web Control is a fully developed UI for the Scara. Opened in a web browser, it can be used on your laptop, tablet, phone, or other WiFi-capable devices.

Print Status
Once a print is started, it shows information about the model being printed. Layer times, estimated time remaining, file information and more are available for view. It also allows for print and extrusion speed control to be adjusted in real-time.

G-Code Files
The G-Code Files page allows g-code files for printing to be uploaded, edited, or downloaded. A summary of the file is given such as size, layer height, and what the file was generated by.

Software Requirements
None! The only requirement is a web browser interface. For object generation, the Scara V4 is similar to the rest of the 3D Potter line ceramic printers

Build Envelope
The build envelope diagrams represent the 45in Z height. Custom Z heights up to 9 feet and diameters up to 8.5 feet are possible. The Scara V4 ceramic 3D printer build envelope is quite unique because it's capable of printing 360 degrees with continuous rotation. 

Another unique ability is printing multiple objects within the specified envelope in a sequential mode. For instance, you could print a particular vessel starting on the far left side and continue to print these vessels until there is no more space left.

Speed and Noise
The Scara V4 is capable of extreme speeds. However, speed is relative when it comes to ceramic 3D printing. Realistically you probably don't want to exceed 130 mm/s.

The Scara V4 is very quiet, so it can be operated in any area without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Construction and Design
High precision and accuracy are achieved with this large Scara arm robot only through diligent design and robust construction techniques. The majority of this structure is made out of heavy aircraft grade 6061 aluminum utilizing CNC and welded components for maximum strength and rigidity. 

Drive Mechanisms
This is no souped-up 3D printer, this is a dedicated heavy duty purpose-built robot. The main drives are sophisticated harmonic drive units. These are the same drives used on large industrial robots similar to the ones that are now in most of the large manufacturing facilities.

What's included:
- Scara V4-409
- Closed loop stepper on X, Y, Z, extruder
- 4 nozzles (standard sizes: 3, 4, 5, and 6mm)
- Parts Box: Alan key set, grease, Acme driver tool, tie wraps, extra screws
- Power Supply, USB cable
- 3600ml extruder not included

Printing Envelope:
X/Y- 72" Diameter Circle (1829mm)
Z- 45” (1143mm)

Printer size:
W-34” L-18” H-44”
Normal operational space needed: W-40” L-36” H-~70”
Maximum operational space needed: W-88” L-88” H-~84”
Height to the top of the extruder fully extended is H~84” (2134mm)

Average speed: 1.2’’ to 3.9’’/s (30 to 100 mm/s)
Power Supply: Output - 24V ~15 amps, Input - 110-220V, 50-60 Hertz.
Power consumption: 24V ~10 amps, ~240 Watt
Main controller board running Duet3D with Atmel SAM4E8E: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4

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