3D PotterBot Micro 10 3D Printer

$ 3,499.00

$ 3,499.00

3D Potterbot Micro 10

The Micro is 3D Potter's entry-level 3D ceramic printer. This is an ideal printer for the classroom environment or an individual artist that just wants to get started with the new technology. It features a 1,000 ml extruder and a build envelope of up to 1 foot. Even though this is 3D Potter's smallest 3D clay printer, it is capable of their range's highest print speeds. Thanks to a compact design, the PotterBot Micro 10 can easily fit in almost any space.

3D Potter printers

3D Potter printers use high quality anodized aluminum rails. These rails are robust and have a smooth surface, allowing for easy movement of parts while being able to withstand classroom or industrial environments.

The unique feature of 3DP's ceramic printers is the direct extrusion of real clay. Other brands use a compressed air system printing slip (watered down clay or alcohol diluted clay). The advantage of direct extrusion is 3D printing full body clay, or other paste-like materials. All materials used to build 3DP clay printers are food grade - so you can get creative!

This 10th generation 3D Potter printer brings a new wireless feature with a full web interface controlled over WiFi. You can now control and upload files to the printer from multiple devices simultaneously. The interface allows you full control over every setting of the machine. Interface preview.

The 10th gen has a new uniform nozzle design for improved performance, across all 3DP printers. This allows you to interchange nozzles between all of our 3D clay printers, from the Micro to the Scara V4.

What's included:

1. 3D PotterBot Micro

2. Stepper motors on X, Y, Z, extruder

3. 1000ml extruder, 2 tubes

4. 4 anodized aluminum nozzles (standard sizes: 3, 4, 5, and 6mm)

5. Parts Box: Alan key set, grease, tie wraps, extra screws

7. ACME driver tool to load/unload extruder

6. Power Supply


Printing Envelope:
X-10” (280mm)
Y-10” (265mm)
Z-12” (305mm)

3D Printer size:
W-21” L-30” H-28”
Operation space needed: W-22” L-30” H-50”
Print bed size: 10.5"x10.5” (266mmx266mm)
Height to the top of the extruder fully extended is 50" (1270mm)
Weight with extruder: 38 lbs. (17kg)

Average speed: 1.2” to 2.4”/s (30 to 60 mm/s)
Power Supply: Output - 24V 6 amps, Input - 100-240V, 50-60 Hertz.
Power consumption: 24V ~3 amps, ~72 Watt
Main controller board running Duet3D with Atmel SAM4E8E: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 

Full control through web interface, no apps or software installation. Non-WiFi versions are available, please contact us if you would like this type of connection (Ethernet connection).

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