xToolCare for M1

$ 89.99

$ 89.99

xToolCare for M1

  • After you purchase xToolCare, your service card will be displayed in the account center.
  • Valid only if you purchase xToolCare within one month of the machine order.
  • 2 warranty events cover the machine failure and damage during normal use or due to an accident. (Cover nearly 90% of machine failures)
  • 2-way free shipping gets your faulty machine repaired hassle-free.
  • 12h quick response to all your software and hardware problems.
  • 1-on-1 expert service makes you feel at ease.
  • 12 months effective warranty period after your standard warranty expires.
xTool Care

Enjoy Peace of Mind Brought by xToolCare

2 Warranty Events, Cost Effective

The warranty events cover nearly 90% of machine failure and damage. xToolCare for M1 can help you save up to 80%.

Full Coverage, Software & Hardware

No matter whether it is a hardware or software problem, xToolCare guarantees to keep you at ease with a professional and quick reply.

Free Two-Way Shipping, Hassle-Free

Two-way free shipping helps you to deal with the issues hassle-free. xTool customer service department gets everything right for you.
*Free two-way shipping is open to US non-remote areas now. For other countries and regions, free return shipping is provided.

Exclusive Service, Expert One on One

xToolCare is exclusive to the xTool official website. Only when you buy both machine and xToolCare from the official website can you enjoy the service. You can have a one-on-one remote video or audio chat with an xTool expert for diagnosis and maintenance.

Priority Access, 12h Quick Response

Technical support priority helps you better and quicker fix the machine failures. xTool after-sales team will respond to your request within 12h (excluding holidays).

Original Factory Maintenance, Trustworthy

It is reliable that all the replacement parts and maintenance services come from the xTool original factory. We aim to make you satisfied and happy.

Lowest Cost, Highest Value

Power Basic Service Fee 1st Replacement of Laser Head 2nd Replacement of Laser Head Cost of 2 Replacements Market Price of 2 Laser Head You Save!
5W $79.99 $19.99 $19.99 $119.97 $448 $328
10W $89.99 $29.99 $29.99 $149.97 $1168 $1018
Component Name Standard Warranty xToolCare
Laser module 12 months 24 months
PCB 12 months 24 months
Guide rail 12 months 24 months
Camera 12 months 24 months
Rotation attachment (if included) 12 months 24 months
Fan 12 months 24 months
Power adapter 3 months 15 months
Belt 3 months 15 months
Blade holder 3 months 15 months

Start Your xToolCare Service Now!

1. Purchase xToolCare

Purchase xToolCare service within one month after your product order (the time you complete the order on the xTool store).

2. Contact xTool Customer Service

Email xTool with tag #xToolCare at support@xtool.com and provide your valid order number for both xToolCare and D1 Pro.

3. Problem Report & Diagnosis

Clearly articulate the problem. And support xTool technician diagnoses the problem. Kindly report your problem based on the failure report template.

4. Repair or Replacement

Based on xTool technical diagnosis, our after-sales staff will send you replacement components or arrange for machine repair.

1. xToolCare will be automatically activated once you buy.
2. You can only purchase xToolCare one time for one machine.
3. You can get a refund if you are within 30 days of your xToolCare order and none of xToolCare services have been used.
4. The expense of xToolCare cannot be transferred to another machine or buyer.
For more details, kindly refer to xToolCare Terms of Service.

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