xTool F1 Ultra

$ 3,999.00

$ 3,999.00

Note: Ships from manufacturer on July 15th

xTool F1 Ultra

World's First 20W Fiber & 20W Diode Laser Engraver

Key Features

Create like a Pro in Just 3 Steps!

Step One

Step 1: Design

Step Two

Step 2: Camera Positioning

Step Three

Step 3: Push a Button

Work on Almost All Materials

Combined abilities of two lasers in the F1 Ultra: A fiber laser for its exceptional metal engraving performance and a blue diode laser for engraving the most common materials.

Dual laser


20W Power Beast, Make Your Masterpiece

3D Brass Coin

3D Dragon Rock

Wood Emboss

Thin Metal Cutting

20W fiber inside F1 Ultra can cut up to 0.4mm brass sheet, 0.3mm stainless steel sheet and 0.2mm aluminum sheet.

Color Engraving

Both fiber and diode lasers in F1 Ultra can do color engraving on metal faster than ever.

15mm Wood & 12mm Acrylic Cutting

20W diode laser inside F1 ultra is powerful enough to cut wood up to 15mm, and acrylic up to 12mm.

Push Productivity

Auto Streamline™ Your Wild Production

One can effortlessly handle large quantities of production at times when large orders are in a rush.

Make Production Easy with the F1 Ultra Camera

Place the materials on the conveyor, and let the F1 Ultra do the rest. The camera can automatically identify the shape of the materials while the xTool Creative Space software helps engrave patterns accurately to every piece.

Innovation Expands Engraving Boundaries

Most Detailed Results in the Largest Desktop Fiber Ever

desktop fiber

Expand Engraving on Curved Objects

Directly Engrave on Curved Surfaces

xTool exclusive 3D Curve™ Engraving automatically creates 3D models for curved surfaces to engrave any patterns flawlessly.

desktop fiber

Support 90% Cylinder Engraving

The RA2 Pro is the world's first 4-in-1 rotary. 4 forms of rotary are suitable for most of the daily use of cylinders and spheres, such as tumblers, mugs, Christmas balls, rings, etc.

Create Smarter, Easier

Bring Your Vision to Life with Generative AI

AI Draws it

You type it, AI draws it

With just a few words, AI can generate laser-ready designs, offering over 10 style options.

3D emboss design

3D emboss design ready in a click

Now, let AI build 3D modeling for your embossing design. Even if you have zero-skills in 3D modeling, you can still do 3D embossing.

Always Ready to Create with Control Panel

No computer and internet? No problem! The F1 Ultra touchable control panel stores 7GB of project files and independently controls F1 Ultra to engrave or cut.

Safe in All Aspects

safety aspects

Strong Smoke Extraction

Efficient smoke extraction quickly removes smoke and dust during engraving, ensuring a safe environment for storefront use.

Laser Light Proof

The fully enclosed cover blocks the harmful light of both the 455nm diode laser and the Fiber

Frequently Asked Questions

F1 Ultra is a dual laser. It has 20W fiber and 20W galvo blue diode laser. F1 Ultra can engrave Almost ALL common materials in daily life. Diode lasers perform best on wood, acrylic, leather, slate, glass, ceramic, etc., while fiber lasers can engrave clearly on all-metals(stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, iron, platinum) and plastic.

F1 Ultra can deeply engrave, emboss and even cut metal. F1 ultra can cut 0.4mm brass, 0.3mm stainless steel and 0.2mm aluminum sheet.

F1 Ultra will be compatible with RA2 Pro. For the smoke purifier, we recommend using the xTool smoke purifier for its larger filters and longer purification lifespan.

F1 Ultra:Most Efficient Batch Engraving on almost all materials. F1 Ultra has both 20W Fiber and 20W Diode Laser with its super speed 10000mm/s, 220*220mm engraving area and auto streamline™ production

Versatile Jewelry Making:F1 Ultra has 20W fiber, which can do deep metal engraving, embossing, thin metal cutting


Craft Fair Must-Have: F1 is the mini size of F1 Ultra, Its compact size makes it portable to bring it to craft fair. With its 2W Infrared laser with 10W diode laser and 4000mm/s, F1 can do customize engraving on almost anything quickly onsite.

DIY Starter: F1 is fun to play and has minimal learning curve, it also has relatively lower price to purchase

F1 Ultra will be compatible with RA2 Pro. For the smoke purifier, we recommend using the xTool smoke purifier for its larger filters and longer purification lifespan.

xTool F1 Ultra has ultra HD resolution, same as xTool F1. Its Fiber has 0.03*0.03mm compression spot on fiber, and its diode galvo laser has 0.08*0.1mm compression spot.

There is no need to change the field lens of F1 Ultra for several reasons: First, F1 Ultra has the largest working area in desktop fiber. Second, F1 Ultra uses microbeam technology to restore the details of every image, even in the corner of the working area. Third, the field lens is well protected inside F1 Ultra, as we planned an airflow path that (with a built-in fan) blows away all dust generated through engraving outside the machine.

F1 Ultra: It is the king of desktop laser engraving, and can engrave almost all materials at the fastest speed, most detailed resolution and versatile engraving result.

P2: King of the desktop laser Cutter, it can cut acrylic up to 20mm thick in all colors, as well as 18mm thick black walnut. It also features a user-friendly 16MP Dual HD Camera.


Type Details
Exclusive Tech: Auto Streamline Production; 3D Curve Engraving; Pixel Algorithm for HD Photo Printing
Working Area: 220*220mm; 220*500mm (with conveyor)
Laser Power and Laser Source: 20W Fiber Laser + 20W Diode Laser
Focus Adjustment: Auto Focus with Camera Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment)
Max. Working Speed: 10000mm/s
Laser Spot Size: 0.08*0.1mm(20W Diode Laser) and 0.03*0.03mm(20W Fiber Laser)
Preview: Camera Preview, High-speed Light Live Preview
Preview speed: Rect:24000mm/s & Outline: 16000mm/s
Software: xTool Creative Space / Lightburn
Pre-assembled: Yes
Built-in Camera: Yes
Product Size: 273*373*492mm, 14.7kg
Connection: WiFi & USB
Support file: SVG / DXF / JPG / JPEG / PNG / BMP,etc.
Support systems: Android / iOS / iPad / Windows / macOS
Input: 24V 5A

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