XStrand™ GF30-PC Filament - Gray 1.75mm (500g)

$ 89.00

$ 89.00
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GF30-PC is a reinforced polycarbonate filament with 30% glass fiber content. GF30-PC delivers superior strength and resilience to varying temperatures, and UV light. GF30-PC is flame retardant, and UL94-VO verified.

XSTRAND® GF30-PC is UL94-VO verified

- Flame retardant
- High stiffness and strength
- Good heat deflection temperature (up to 137°C)
- High dimensional stability
- UV resistant • Electrical insulating
- Very low moisture absorption

XSTRAND® GF30-PC is designed for functional prototyping and demanding applications such as mechanical engineering, electronics, and automotive.

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For Tips & Tricks on how to print Xstrand GF30-PC 1.75MM on the Zortrax M200 Plus, Zortrax M300 Plus and Zortrax M300 Dual  



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