PrintDry Vacuum-Sealed Filament Container (5pcs)

$ 109.95

$ 109.95


1) Vacuum valve and pump:

A special valve and a pump are used to suck the air out to create a vacuum seal and this will prevent the moisture in the air from getting into the container.

2) Stronger structure:

In order to hold a strong vacuum seal, both the lid and the container itself have been specially designed.

3)  Vacuum indicator:

when completely vacuum sealed, the center of the vacuum valve will collapse inward from its original dome shape.

The vacuum filament container has been tested with a 750g filament spool inside for 30 days. The graph below shows the changes of the relative humidity (grey line) inside the container and the ambient humidity (red line) as the storage time increases. Five pouches of 15g desiccant are included in the container.

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