Ultimaker Printer Station

$ 1,577.89 $ 1,499.00

$ 1,499.00

Ultimaker Printer Station

The Mobile Printer Station offers a robust foundation for the UltiMaker Factor 4, facilitating seamless and secure relocation of your 3D printers as needed, such as for maintenance tasks, thereby enhancing workspace efficiency. Its integrated drawers provide convenient storage for materials, tools, and consumables, ensuring easy access to essential items at all times.

A safe and functional printer station to support Ultimaker Factor 4

Increased ease of use

  • Easy and safe access to printer rear side for main tenance and repair
  • Safe displacement and transport
  • Minimal floor occupancy

Built-in Safety

  • Tailor-made for Factor 4
  • Anti-tilting architecture and stability tailored for Factor 4
  • Lock in mechanisms to fix printer to cabinet

Ergonomically Designed

  • Perform operations at right height and comfort
  • Store 18 spools and accessories with lockable drawers
Pritner station

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