Slice Engineering - Modix LGX Pro ACE Upgrade Kit

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$ 674.99

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Take your modix to the next level!

Kick your Modix Large Format Printer into high gear with the Modix Upgrade Kit, powered by Mosquito Magnum+®. This high-powered, engineering-grade printhead increases production output and print resolution while reducing downtime and filament waste.

Slice Modix upgrade kit

What is the Slice Engineering Modix Upgrade Kit?

Powered by Magnum+: The Mosquito Magnum+ Hotend sports a long melt and two heater cartridge slots for 80W of heating power rated up to 500°C. This extended melt zone helps Magnum+ achieve a maximum flow rate capacity of 90 mm^3/s. Additionally, as with all Mosquito Hotends, the rigid design allows for One-Handed Nozzle Changes™.

Magnum+ has undergone testing and is trusted by prestigious organizations such as NASA, SpaceX, the U.S. Navy, and several major national labs. Learn more about Magnum+ and how it will revolutionize your 3D printing experience by checking out our white papers here.

Enhanced with ACE: With the LGX ACE Cold Block, the Modix Upgrade Kit features a short filament path from the extruder gears to the hotend, making it easier to print with flexible filaments or other complicated materials.

Built for Professionals: Utilizing the LGX Pro’s metal gears and robust extruder housing, the Modix Upgrade Kit excels in the higher-temperature printing environment of an enclosed Modix printer.

The Kit Includes:

  • Mosquito Magnum+ with LGX ACE Cold Block
  • LGX Pro Extruder
  • 80W Heater
  • Single RTD Pt1000
  • Mosquito Magnum+ Convection Shield
  • Vanadium Nozzle - 0.6 mm
  • Terminal Strip
  • 4020 Hotend Cooling Fan - 24V
  • Part Cooling Fan Duct (LEFT/RIGHT/BOTH)
  • Printed Mount (LEFT/RIGHT/BOTH)
  • Modix Installation Hardware
  • Extruder cable

Compatible Printers:

  • BIG-40 V3
  • BIG-60 V3
  • BIG-120X V3
  • BIG-120Z V3
  • BIG-180X V3

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