Sinterit Powder Handling Set

$ 11,490.00

$ 11,490.00

Sinterit Powder Handling Set

Everything you need to work comfortably and have a clean work area. This set will allow you to recover the maximum amount of powder and help you significantly reduce costs.

Set contains:

 Powder Handling Station $7,990.00
ATEX Vacuum Cleaner $3,495.00
Powder Separator + Cleaner $5.00

New quality of powder handling

Supporting device designed to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible.

  • All processes in one place 
  • Clever workspace – an ergonomic and user friendly solution
  • Tools close to you – everything you need is always at hand
  • Easy depowdering in 5 simple steps
  • Super hero – not just for one printer!

All processes in one place

Post-processing and powder recovery: all processes in one place!


  • Suction system compatible with Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Storage space – 3 drawers and shelf for often using tools
  • Built-in sieving module and powder separator
  • Compatible with standard Sinterit Powder Container
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sandblaster shelf

Clever workspace

Designed to be useful.

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