Shaper Origin
Shaper Origin

Shaper Origin

Precision Cutting Simplified

Bring digital precision to your workshop with next-generation power tools. Get to work quickly with unrivaled ease, accuracy, and reliability.

The Shaper Origin's innovative augmented reality cutting brings CNC precision to a handheld router! Work where traditional CNC milling isn't possible. The Shaper Origin provides unlimited work area to match your unlimited creativity!


$ 2,599.00


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Enterprise $10K - $10M

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Handheld precision routing. Work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.


Approach your projects with ease.


Intuitive interface

On-Tool Design

Automatic Cut Correction

Proven spindle design

Included in the box

Tanos Systainer

SYS 5 T-LOC Systainer

23.5 lbs (Origin packaged with accessories)

15 ½” W x 11 ½” D x 17” T

Shaper Tape (ST1-150)

2 Rolls (150-feet each roll)

A single roll provides ample coverage for approximately one and a half standard

4' x 8' sheets of plywood

4 MM T-Hex Wrench

For Spindle Removal

14.5 lbs

13 ¾” W x 7 ¾” D x 11 ¾” T


3 Different Styles

1/8" Up-Spiral Bit

1/4" Up-Spiral Bit

V60° Engraving Bit

16mm Wrench

For Collet

14.5 lbs

13 ¾” W x 7 ¾” D x 11 ¾” T

Adaptor hose

For US-standard wet/dry vacs

6.5' Length Hose

2.25" OD Nozzle

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