Resin Tray Kit for NextDent™ 5100 Dental 3D Printer

$ 630.00

$ 630.00

Resin Tray Kit for NextDent™ 5100 High Speed Dental 3D Printer

The resin-tray garage can be used to store a resin tray with resin outside the machine, keeping UV light and contaminates out. The lid can also be used to cover the resin tray while in the machine.

You will hand-pour resin into the resin tray before printing. The NextDent 5100 Printer works with all NextDent™ print materials, allowing the printer to work for many different dental applications. The NextDent 5100 Printer comes with one resin tray per machine purchased. Purchasing multiple resin trays gives the user the ability to easily print with two different materials on one machine. The more resin trays you have, the more materials you can print with. If the resin tray is sufficiently cleaned in between builds, it is also possible to use a different print material in the same resin tray. However, not every resin can share the same tray, even if the resin tray is cleaned.

NextDent Resin Tray

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