Phrozen Pro Series Speed Resin- 1KG

$ 99.99

$ 99.99

Phrozen Pro Speed Resin - 1 kilogram

Print up to 8X Faster

Specially formulated Phrozen Pro Series Speed Resin printa up to 8x faster, making it the ideal choice for printing large models like props and industrial prototypes.

In comparison to most commercial resins, Phrozen Pro Series Speed Resin significantly reduces printing time to less than 6 hours for 24cm models, allowing for same-day modifications.


  • Weight: 1kg per bottle
  • Density: 1.1 cP
  • Viscosity 25°C(77°F): 235 cP
  • Young’s Modulus: 900 MPa
  • Elongation at Break: 20 %
  • Izod Impact Strength (Notched): 6.31 J/m
  • Shore D Hardness (0s, 3s): 79

Operating Instructions

  • We suggest using resin and printer indoors under well-ventilated conditions.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and indoor luminescence.
  • Please preserve your resin in a closed opaque bottle to avoid exposure to air.
  • Do not mix used and non-used resin together.
  • Please keep the resin out of reach from children.
  • Do not dump resin down drain. Please cure resin and treat/recycle it as general plastics garbage.
  • Post-processing note: For best results, please allow your print to dry for 40 to 60 minutes after wash, then cure all sides (30 minutes per side).


  • Do not eat or swallow the resin. Wear goggles to avoid eye contact with resin, if you have eye contact with resin, wash your eyes with water thoroughly.
  • Resin might cause slight irritation to skin. Wear gloves when handling. Stop using if an allergic reaction occurs.
  • Resin has a slight odor. We strongly suggest you use it under ventilated conditions.
  • Suggested safety equipment: gloves, mask, goggles, and lab coat.
  • Keep resin at room temperature (59 – 95°F) and dry conditions.

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