Pac-Dent Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit

$ 349.00

$ 349.00

Pac-Dent Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit

Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit is a light-curing methacrylate based stain and glaze system designed for the extraoral surface characterization of indirect and direct composite restorations and Provisionals comprised of ceramic resin hybrid based systems.

The versatility of Rodin Palette allows dental professionals to change shades, shift values, characterize, and glaze a wide range of 3D printed restorations such as: prefabricated teeth, partial and full denture bases, fixed dental restorations (such as crowns, bridges, inlays, on lays, veneers) made of hybrid ceramic, resin veneering materials, and CAD/CAM composites.

  • Wide range of colors allows for precise characterization and coloration
  • Simple-to-use, saves time during polishing stage
  • High wear and discoloration resistance

Rodin Palette Naturalizing Kit Contents:

  • 12 x 1 mL pre-filled syringes
  • 1 x Rodin Glaze, 15 g bottle
  • 1 x mixing well
  • 100 x micro applicator brushes

Instructions For Use:

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