Pac-Dent Rodin Castable Resin - 1KG

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$ 224.00

Pac-Dent Rodin Castable Resin - 1KG

Rodin™ Castable Resin is used in the process of lost-wax casting of metal devices.

Castable Resin – is a specifically designed burnout material for use with lost adequately -cast wax techniques.

  • Maintains dimensional integrity up to the point of material ignition.
  • Ash free burnout for both rapid high temp and longer low temp burnout schedules.
  • Non sweating – wax compatible for corrective adjustments and sprueing applications.
  • Compatible for use with both gypsum and phosphate investment systems.

Product Specifications

Material: Sculpture ceramic nanohybrid

Applications: Single crown framework, bridge framework, anatomical tops, full contour crowns, partial denture frameworks.

Part Number: 3DR-CASTF

Color: Having an intentionally added pigmented color

Instructions For Use:

Rodin™ Castable Resin Instructions For Use

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