Modix PEI Sheet

$ 200.00

$ 200.00

Renew Your Bed Adhesion

The Modix PEI Sheet is a direct replacement for the PEI build surface that comes standard with every Modix 3D printer. PEI sheets are common for 3D printing because, when cleaned properly and heated to the correct temperature, they do a good job of stickong to most 3D printable materials. They also release prints easily after the bed has cooled down. The Modix PEI Sheet comes in 2 sizes, 660 x 660 mm for the BIG-60, BIG-120Z, BIG-120X, & BIG-180X; and 1075 x 355mm for the BIG-Meter. Some machines may require more than one sheet to cover the entire build platform, so make sure to check what sizes you need below.

Modix PEI Sheets come slightly larger than you will need for your build plate. This is so that you can place your PEI sheet and then trim the excess, so you don't need to stick it on the build plate just right.

Which PEI sheet is compatible with my printer?

  • Modix BIG-60 V4 - 1x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-120Z - 1x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-120X - 2x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-180X - 3x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-Meter - 3x 1075x355mm

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