Modix Magnetic PEI Build Platform - 660x660mm

$ 670.00

$ 670.00

Removable Magnetic Bed

This add-on will greatly improve the user experience and save you time on a daily basis. Modix’s printers are delivered by default with a PEI sheet that tends to release the print jobs once the bed is cooled down. With the new removable magnetic bed, users do not need to wait or work hard with a spatula and can easily and immediately remove objects after completing the print job by simply bending the spring steel plate.

This add-on includes an adhesive magnetic sheet that should be fixed to the aluminum bed plate and a removable spring steel plate that should be placed on top of it.

The flexible spring steel plate is printable on both sides. One side is PEI powder coated providing textured bottom surface and the other side is serviced with a standard PEI sheet providing a glossy bottom finish.

Another advantage is maintenance, the PEI installed on the build plate can degrade over time. Print removal with a spatula may result in unwanted scratches that later appear at the bottom of the printed object. Replacing the PEI on the removable spring steel or even buying a spare unit is much easier than removing it from the bed plate itself.

Which build plate is compatible with my printer?

  • Modix BIG-40 - 1x 465x465mm
  • Modix BIG-60 V3 - 1x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-120Z - 1x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-120X - 2x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-180X - 3x 660x660mm
  • Modix BIG-Meter - 3x 1075x355

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