Modix Griffin Primary Printhead

$ 400.00

Machine Compatibility
$ 400.00

Griffin Print Head

The new Griffin print-head is a major improvement to the capability of Modix printers. It consists of a custom extruder made by Bondtech (based on the BMG model) and of a new hotend designed by Modix. The new design comes default with every Modix printer and includes the following improvements:

High flow rate & high printing temperatures: The Bondtech extruder provides a double drive-gear system that grabs the filament from both sides. The heat-block is made of nickel-coated copper, for an increased rate of heat transfer and compatibility with higher printing temperatures. The design includes the advanced Slice Engineering Bi-Metal heat-break that extends the melting zone inside the heat-block by being mostly made of copper as well. In addition, an upgraded PT-1000 temperature sensor enables printing in higher temperatures of up to 500°c. The hotend components are rated for 500°c and so far have been verified with printing of up to 340°c.

Modix Griffin Print Head

Higher reliability: Large scale 3D printing usually involves the risk of the print-head scratching or crashing into the thick layer models resulting in bent or broken heat-breaks. The new print-head provides a rigid mounting of the heat-block, so it’s naturally more reliable and reduces these situations. The main reason for this is that the heat-block is now mounted on three faces instead of only one. It can withstand a much stronger impact thanks to this additional bracing. The longer-type E3D Super Volcano can also be attached to the rigid mounting as well, using a dedicated adapter (Late summer 2022)

Improved User Experience: The new print-head design makes nozzle replacements easier. The rigid mounting of the heat-block allows one handed nozzle replacement, making it even easier to change to different nozzle diameters.

Griffin heater block

Easy Swap: The design of the mounting bracket and the D shaft style of the Slice Engineering heat-break gives users the ability to replace the entire filament melting subsystem with ease. This will allow users to dedicate a complete setup for a specific filament type. i.e., keeping one setup for abrasive carbon filled filament and another for prototyping with PLA.

Compact Design: The new design maintains the previous design benefits of compact design that preserves the generous Z-axis travel and is compatible with the vast offering of E3D Volcano nozzles coming in numerous sizes and materials.

Smart: The new print-head allows automatic Z off-set calibration between the nozzle and the BL Touch probe. This is easier and more precise than the manual procedure. A dedicated sensor allows the BL-Touch and the nozzle to touch the surface, consequently. The precise relative distance between the probe and the nozzle (“Z-offset”) is saved automatically to the printer.

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