Modix Duex-5 Automatic Calibration Expansion Kit

$ 1,030.00

$ 1,030.00

Add Automatic Calibration & Additional Motion Control

The Modix Duex-5 Expansion Board Upgrade improves your experience by automating calibration procedures and expanding the number of stepper motors from 5 to 10. Included are automatic print-bed tilt calibration (Z axis) and automatic gantry alignment (X axis). In addition to the standard print bed surface mapping, Modix is now offering a user-friendly fully automated calibration process.

This upgrade is delivered as a new controller box which features an additional electronic board named the "DUEX-5 expansion board" doubling the total amount of stepper drivers from 5 to 10.

By allocating a dedicated driver for each of the Z and X axis motors you get specific control of each stepper motor and no longer need to be moved in unison. This allows you to perform a fully automated system calibration routine with the click of a button.

This type of control box is already included with BIG-Meter and BIG-180X and now is offered as an optional upgrade for: BIG-60, BIG-120X, BIG-120Z and BIG-40.

Notice: With the Modix Duex-5 Automatic Calibration Expansion Kit, the inductive sensor is no longer supported. Autobed leveling is now controlled with the Modix BL Touch Bed Leveling Probe.

What's Included:

  • 1x Fully wired electronics box
  • 1x Duet 2 WiFi controller
  • 1x Duex-5 expansion board
  • 1x X-axis endstop
  • Wires for all motors

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