MakeShaper - PETG Filament - Cool Grey

$ 24.00

$ 24.00
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Our 2.85mm Cool Gray PETG filament (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol modified) has the durability of ABS with the characteristics of PLA for your 3D printer allowing you to make anything! PETG advantages include:

- Excellent layer adhesion

- Warp resistance

- Reduced shrinkage

- Higher density

- Chemical resistance to both acidic and alkali compounds

- Flexible printing on glass, acrylic, glass, blue tape and polyimide tape

- Odorlessness during printing

Cool Gray PETG Settings

Optimal Print Temp: 230°-260° C

Optimal Bed Temp: 70°-100° C

Print Speed: 25-50mm/sec

Glue is NOT recommended for adhering this filament to the print bed

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