MakerBot - PC-ABS Fire Retardant Filament

$ 94.00

$ 94.00

MakerBot PC-ABS Fire Retardant Filament

Print Durable and Heat-Resistant Prototypes and End-Use Parts

PC-ABS is a strong, engineering-grade material that has both a high heat resistance and high impact resistance. When ABS does not provide a high enough impact resistance, but high heat resistance is still required, PC-ABS is a great alternative, due to the addition of polycarbonate.

Compatible with MakerBot METHOD X and METHOD X Carbon Fiber Edtion.
Not comaptible with MakerBot METHOD.
Spool Weight: 710 grams
Color: Black

Technical Specifications PC-ABS PC-ABS-FR
Imperial Metric Imperial Metric
Tensile Strength (ISO 527) 5300 psi 37 MPa 8700 psi 60 MPa
Strain at Break (ISO 527) 14% 14% >50% >50%
E-Modulus (ISO 527) 263000 psi 1820 MPa 413000 psi 2850 MPa
Impact Strength (Charpy Method 23°C ISO 179) 12.1 lb-ft/in2 25.5 kJ/m2 20.2 lb-ft/in2 42.5 kJ/m2
Vicat Softening Temp (ISO 306) 226°F 108°C 219°F 104°C
Flammability-Rating (UL-94) n/a n/a V0 V0

Manufacturer Product Code: 375-0058A

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