LulzBot - SideKick 747 Magnetic Flex Bed v2

$ 120.00

$ 120.00

SideKick 747 Magnetic Flex Bed v2

Enjoy the convenience of removing prints easily from our OctoGrab™ Magnetic Bed system! The special high-temperature neodymium magnets embedded in the 1/8" thick machined aluminum plate can hold high temperature print jobs for extended durations without losing any magnetic field strength over time, unlike standard print bed magnets which can start losing field strength around 100C°.

Make Print Removal More Convenient

Instead of struggling to remove parts directly from your 3D printer, you can now quickly remove the entire OctoGrab™ spring steel PEI sheet from the print bed along with your finished 3D printed part. Take your magnetic OctoGrab™ spring steel print surface and the finished part to a comfortable work area, bend the flexible OctoGrab™ spring steel bed in any direction, and your 3D print should release from the smooth PEI surface with ease.

This simple upgrade to your LulzBot 3D printer can make a big difference in your printing experience. TPU handles on the OctoGrab™ spring steel print surface allow for easy removal of the print bed while still warm and aids in realigning the surface when replacing the print surface on the magnetic bed.

Parts & Specifications

  • SideKick 747 flex bed dimensions: 231mm x 231mm.
  • N50 neodymium rare earth magnets.
  • The spring steel has our standard PEI laminate pre-attached on the print side, polycarbonate on back.*

*print on top PEI side only

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