LulzBot Asteroid 285 Tool Head GammaMaster® 1.2 mm

$ 745.00

$ 745.00

Asteroid 285 | GammaMaster® | 1.2 mm


Embark on an intergalactic journey of 3D printing with our revolutionary new Galaxy Series. We propel you into new frontiers of creation, where innovation orbits around functionality, and precision gravitates towards simplicity. Prepare to launch your 3D prints into realms of unimaginable possibilities where performance crosses the cosmos of perfection.

  • Easier and Quicker Filament Loading: Propel your efficiency into hyperdrive. With the ability to completely open the filament path and shortened throat for rapid loading, our Galaxy Tool Heads ensure that your projects launch without delay, accelerating your journey through the 3D printing cosmos.

  • Repeatable Tension Setups: Experience consistency with the innovative ratcheting lever design, meticulously crafted to deliver repeatable tensioning, voyage after voyage. This pivotal feature guarantees that each layer materializes with top notch precision.

  • Quiet Printer Operation: These Tool Heads operate almost like the silence of space, ensuring that your making process remains undisturbed. Fans whisper like distant stars, starting only when necessary and allowing the tranquility of the universe to envelop your workspace.

  • Stable Printing Temperatures: Navigate the thermals of the printing universe with our astronautical extrusion components, ensuring that your creations are sculpted under stable temperatures. In this controlled atmosphere, reliability becomes your copilot, guiding each detail of your print towards interstellar excellence.

  • Better Form Factor: Upgrade the Z-capabilities of your LulzBot with improved form factor. This vertical optimization allows your creativity to soar into new dimensions, exploring higher peaks of 3D printing potential.

  • Easy Nozzle Swapping: Adapt to the multiverse of your printing needs with astonishing ease. Our system allows for nozzle swapping with just a one-handed torque tool maneuver, enabling your printer to morph and adapt to the various celestial bodies of creation requirements.
Step by step

Parts & Specifications

Extruder Type: Single Extruder, Galaxy Series
Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
Maximum Flow Rate: 50.1 mm3/s (211g/hr)
Flow Testing: PLA at 230°C, CNC Kitchen Benchmark
Nozzle Diameter: 1.2mm GammaMaster® Steel
Nozzle Layer Height Range: 0.3mm (300 microns) to 0.9mm (900 microns)
Nozzle Swapping: Supported (2.4mm Nozzle Kit Available)
Swappable Layer Height Range: 0.3mm (300 microns) to 1.8mm (1800 microns)
Maximum Hot End Temperature: 290°C (554°F) - Firmware Limited
Compatible Filaments: PLA, TPU, ABS, PETg, PVB, Nylon, PC, and others below 290°C
Filament Tension Method: Adjustable Lever (5 Fixed Positions)
Extruder Drive Type: Direct-Drive, Dual Drive Gears
Extruder E-Steps: 439 steps/mm
Leveling System Compatibility: Automatic 5V Circuit, Automatic BLTouch
PTFE Guide Tube Attachment: Push-to-Connect
Tool Head Weight: 502g (17.7oz)

Construction Materials

Nozzle Material: GammaMaster® Steel
Heater Block Material: Hardened Copper Alloy with Nickel plating
Heat Break Material: Bimetallic - Copper Alloy and Strain-hardened Steel
Fan Shroud and Mount Material: Polymaker ABS
Cold Block and Heat Sink Material: Black Anodized Aluminum
Drive Gear Material: Hardened Steel
Extruder Motor Size: 30mm, 1.8° NEMA 17 Stepper
Heater Cartridge: 24V, (2x) 50W, 100W total
Temperature Sensor: 100k Semitec NTC Thermistor
Part Cooling Fan: 24V DC Centrifugal Blower
Heat Sink Fan: 5V DC Axial Fan

Compatible 3D Printers

TAZ SideKick: SideKick 289, SideKick 747
Mini Platform: Not Supported
TAZ Workhorse: Workhorse, Workhorse+
TAZ Pro Platform: Pro, Pro S, Pro XT, Pro XT+, Pro Long Bed

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