FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet

$ 1,999.00

$ 1,999.00

FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet

Convenient, Precise, Drying and Storage

The FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet is a versatile product that combines 3D printer storage, filament drying, and a movable shelf. It can be used in conjunction with the FlashForge Creator 4 and other FlashForge 3D printers to create a neat and organized workspace. The cabinet features industrial-grade casters for easy movement.

Intelligent & Automatic Temperature Humidity Pairing

FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet automatically matches the perfect combination based on your material selection and state of conditions.

Be in Control of Your Additive Manufacturing

The FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet minimizes the loss of materials due to environmental factors. Keeping your filament spools in optimal conditions with the FlashForge Humidor ensures a smooth additive manufacturing process and peace of mind. Additionally, using high-quality materials in your FlashForge system can extend its lifespan.

Precision Drying and Temperature Controls

The FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet is equipped with industry-leading technology that allows the user to adjust the temperature up to 120℃ to eliminate moisture and recover the original properties of your materials.

Smart Regeneration Mode

FlashForge Filament Humidor Cabinet features a smart regeneration mode for the desiccant when oversaturation of moisture occurs. It automatically releases excess moisture and maintains the ideal humidity level inside the cabinet.

Why do you need to use a filament drying station?

Moisture absorption, or hygroscopicity, is a significant challenge for 3D printing. Even a small amount of humidity can negatively affect the properties of most carbon fiber, glass fiber, and engineering grade materials. Printing with exposed filaments will not only reduce print quality but also degrade material properties, making them unable to meet the requirements for their intended use. The need for proper storage and drying of materials is therefore essential.

Left side: with moisture ( layer delamination / poor layer adhesion )

Right side: without moisture ( no layer delamination / good layer adhesion )

Left side: with moisture ( stringing / uneven surface texture / fuzzy look )

Right side: without moisture ( no stringing / smooth surface texture / clear look )

Left side: with moisture ( layer hops / weakness )

Right side: without moisture ( no layer hope / toughness )


Size: 840(X) x 675(Y) x 600(Z)mm (with casters

Screen: 4.3-inch touchscreen

Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean

Maximum drying temperature: 120℃

Desiccant capacity: 1000g

Storage humidity control range: 10~20%

Minimum storage humidity: 5%

Minimum chamber humidity when continuous drying is on: 7%

Internal storage size: 500 × 375 × 200 mm (WxDxH)

Power: 500W

Bearing weight: 120 kg ( 265 lbs )

Package size: 980 × 780 × 830

Package weight: 100 kg ( 220 lbs )

Power during storing: Average: 30W, Maximum: 35W

Power during drying (12hrs, 120℃): Average: 100W, Maximum: 500W

Overheat protection: Yes

Applicable materials:

Moisture-sensitive materials: PVA, PVOH, BVOH, PVB, PA6, PA12, PA66, PC, ABS, ABS Pro, HIPS, ASA, PET, PETG, Wood, Metal Fill

Moisture-sensitive fiber reinforced materials: PA6CF, PA12CF, PA66CF, PET-CF, PP-CF, ASA-CF, PETG-CF, PLACF, PPSCF, PA6GF, PLA-GF

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