DruckWege - Starter Kit Resin

$ 74.99

$ 74.99

DruckWege Sampler Kit with three 0.2 kg sample bottles of our popular colors: grey, black and red.

Standard Type D resins are optimized for various 3D printer technologies and cure quickly. Further information, e.g. on exposure times, is included in the sampler kit in the form of a comprehensive information brochure. UV-sensitive resin for 3D printer.

DruckWege Resin is a special acrylate-based resin with industrial properties, developed and designed for 3D printers with DLP / LCD light sources. It is very durable, easy to paint and has exceptional physical properties.

The starter kit contains a total of three 0.2 kg samplers in the colors grey, black and red.

Restriction in use :

This product has not been tested or approved for medical or pharmaceutical applications. The Type D Dental Model is designed for modelling only and not for use inside the body or in the oral cavity.

- Fast curing

- High level of detail and sharp contours

- Smooth and dry object surface

- Low odor

Viscosity: 33-57 mPa/s

Shrinkage: approx. 2% +/- 1%

Hardness D: 82.2 Shore

Bottle: UN-approval: UN 3H1/x1.9/250 Material: HDPE

DruckWege Resin cures under UV light. DruckWege Resin is compatible with
- B9 Creator,
- 3D Facture Draken,
- YHD-101,
- Wanhao D7 v3,
- Kudo3D,
- Atum3D,
- Anycubic Photon,
- Gizmo,
- Monoprinter,
- Phrozen Shuffle,
- Zortrax Inkspire,
- Elegoo,
- Flashforge Hunter,
- Epax X1
- and others.

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