Bondtech extruder kit for Wanhao 3 V2.1 not i3 plus

$ 134.00

$ 134.00

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Bondtech Mini for Wanhao i3 
Extruder bracket for Wanhao I3 
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Bondtech Mini with Dual-Drive gears that grips the filament from both sides without any slippage or grinding as an upgrade kit for the Wanhao I3 printer.

The smaller effective diameter of the drivegear will increase the torque by about 50% and also the resolution will increase with 50% since the E-step value is 140 compared with the 96 as the standard extruder.

The filament path is fully guided and this makes the extruder work perfect with both hard and soft filaments, the drive gear is also in hardened steel to withstand wear from especially filaments with abrasive additives like carbonfiber and glassfiber.

The quick-release lever lets you load and unload filament with ease for quick filament changes.

Spring loaded pre-tension on the filament.

This kit uses the original steppermotor that came with the printer and is installed in 1h.
Step-by-step guide is supplied

The kit consists of the following:

- Extruder parts in nylon with thread inserts.
- Hardened drivegears in steel.
- Needlebearings
- Harded ground shaft.
- Bolts M3x45 mm
- Shim in alu


For simple installation we have now produced a custom mounting bracket as you can find below in recommended parts.

The original metal plate that holds the extruder needs to be modified in order to give room for the extruder, this is easily done with a hacksaw and a file.

Maximum X-movement is restricted about 15 mm on the right side.

E-step needs to be adjusted to 140 step/mm (with the LCD panel)

Weight: 62g

Extruder bracket for Wanhao I3

This custom bracket for mounting the Bondtech Mini onto the Wanhao I3 printer without any modification to the original mount, makes the installation really simple and straight forward.

In 2 mm steel laser cut & bended + powdercoated in black finish.

Weight 71

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