BlueCast Dental Gray Resin

$ 150.00

$ 150.00
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BlueCast - Dental Gray

For all LCD 3d printers

Product Features

High Accuracy and Dimensional Stability

Suitable For Vacuum Casting Application/Dies and Dental Prototypes Matte Finishing for Better Details

Dental Gray resin has matte finishing with a gypsum-like texture. It is very easy to scan without the use of a coating spray. The shrinkage is negligible thanks to the inside nano ceramic and high level of detail suitable for accurate modeling of teeth and gums. The resin is available in a gray color and has been developed according to the requests of dental laboratories. Dental Gray is one of the best resins for all dental application: it is not meant for intraoral use.

The chemical formulation doesn't contain dangerous monomers and has not been classified as carcinogenic under EU legislation. The resin is odorless and it is safe to print when used in accordance with our MSDS instructions.

Size: 1 kg

Quick Start Guide for LCD Printers
BlueCast Dental Gray LCD resin is fully compatible with all LCD printers like Phrozen Shuffle, XL, Anycubic Photon,
Wahnaho D7, D8, Micromake 2017 L2, EAST Micromake L2, X-CUBE LCD, Vodainfo Tech. LCD, Xayav Model V,
etc (405nm).
For best results, we suggest to use a resin tank provided with high quality FEP (FEP 100 OR 127 HD are suggested).
In case of particular climatic conditions (such as in case of room temperature inferior to 18°C) it is suggested to
preheat the resin. If the resin has been sitting in the tank, use the putty knife to ensure it is thoroughly mixed.
It is suggested to filter the resin before each use, in order to avoid any damage to the LCD screen.
The platform adhesion is perfect and allows printing multiples files at the same time.

How to Prepare the Printing File
With BlueCast Dental Gray, you can easily arrange the models directly on the platform: you will save resin and time.
It is also possible to print allowed models. When you do this, remember to make the drain holes to permit the resin exit and
avoid the suction effect.
For the dies and allowed models supports, it is suggested to use a medium preset: pilar size 1mm (diameter) / tip size 0.6mm
For DIES we suggest to set the gap/tolerance at 30u






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