BlueCast Cr3a Curing Liquid

$ 49.95

$ 49.95
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Cr3a CURING LIQUID is a special liquid for the curing of BC Cr3a resin.

Size: 250 gr


- Remove the prints from the build plate;

- Wash the prints in ethyl alcohol 90% to 99%;

- Dry the patterns with compressed air for best results;

- Place the prints in a vessel / plastic cup - Fill the vessel with CR3A CURING LIQUID in order to fully submerge patterns;

- Place the vessel with the patterns inside at UV oven for 30 / 40 min according lamp power and patterns size;

- The UV cure is done when the pattern color will be BLU;

- Wash with tapered water and dry with air AND GO TO CAST

A 250 gr bottle of Cr3a Curing Liquid is recommended for the curing of 2 kg of resin.


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