Bambu Lab Anti-Vibration Feet

$ 10.99

$ 10.99

Anti-Vibration Feet

These rubber feet are designed to decouple the Bambu Lab P1P from other 3D printers on the same surface by absorbing vibrational energy, helping to minimize machine wear caused by vibrations.


X1 Series and P1 Series


✅ When you place a single printer on the desktop, the anti-vibration feet can effectively reduce the desktop shaking caused by printing

✅ When multiple Bambu Lab P1P (more than 1pcs) are placed on the same unstable desktop, it is recommended to replace the original feet with these anti-vibration feet as they can effectively reduce the impact of machine vibration on nearby machines


❌ The printer can oscillate, but it has no effect on printing

❌ May cause the metallic plate inside the purge chute to shake and produce some noise

vibration reduction comparison


  1. Please remove the original feet at the bottom of the printer first, then replace the anti-vibration feet
  2. Ensure that the feet are secure and correctly installed
  3. Increase the distance between printers, to allow for the extra movement

In The Box

8x Anti-Vibration Feet

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