Bambu Lab AMS lite Filament Funnel Unit

$ 15.00

$ 15.00

Bambu Lab AMS lite Filament Funnel Unit


The AMS lite Filament Funnel Unit is the inner component of the AMS lite Feeder Unit. It consists of structural parts and a filament detection sensor board. In line with the feeder unit, the funnel unit is also designed in both left and right versions.

Please note that both the left and right funnel units can only be installed in their corresponding feeder units. Please confirm that you have selected the correct version (left or right) before purchase.

When the sensor board detects the insertion of filament, the funnel unit will pull the filament forward automatically. When the filament insertion is abnormal, the sensor board will also identify it and feed that information back to the 3D printer.

In the Box:

- AMS lite Filament Funnel Unit X 1


AMS lite

Product Specifications:

Materials: Plastic, Metal, PCBA
Color: Grey and Yellow
Package Size: 120*80*65 mm
Package Weight: 30 g

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