AVK500 - Axiom Vacuum Hold-Down Kit

$ 159.00

$ 159.00

Axiom Vacuum Hold-Down Kit

Struggling to secure parts on the bed of your new CNC router? You'll be amazed of the holding power of this exciting NEW accessory!

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Securing your workpiece to the bed of your CNC router often creates a challenge.  The Axiom vacuum hold-down kit is a terrific accessory which makes securing your part a snap. Use just one pod to secure a small part, or all five pods to hold something large.

These compact Vacuum Pods are made from clear acrylic, each with its own vacuum seal. Each pod is connected together to cover a large area. Place the pods on your Axiom CNC table and secure with screws and T-nuts (included). Pods can be mounted either on top of your MDF spoil board or directly to the aluminum table by selecting the appropriate length screws. Cut the 1/4" hose to the desired length and connect the pods and valve to the vacuum port on the venturi. Use the remaining hose and fitting to connect your compressor to the air port on the venturi.

  Vacuum Pods (5 pcs)
 • On/off valve
  Venturi vacuum pump
  Mounting hardware
  End cap
  Hose (200")
  Air fitting
  Replacement gasket material

Note: requires 1.5CFM of compressed air at 90PSI

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