AODI - Axiom Overarm Dust System

$ 399.00

$ 399.00

Axiom Overarm Dust System

The Axiom Overhead Dust System includes everything you need to connect to connect to your ADS110 dust shoe to your dust collector. Fits all Axiom Iconic CNC routers. Includes mounting hardware, flex-hose and hose clamps.

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Your dusty shop has met its match.

Connecting the moving dust port on a CNC router to a dust collector is often a difficult undertaking. The large working envelope requires a delicate balance between rigid duct, flex-hose, and the appropriate placement of each.

Our new Overhead Dust Accessory simplifies the process.

Once installed, this exciting new accessory connects your Axiom Dust Shoe to a smooth, rigid tube via a soft, flexible, clear length of dust hose. Now your dust collector can be easily connected to the 2 1/2” port located at the rear of your Axiom CNC machine to your dust collector with a minimum of 500 CFM.

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