Here's What You Need to Know

Most products are covered with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Please email if you have questions about a product’s warranty.

Note that most manufacturers require that 3D printers be shipped in their original packaging for any warranty service, since the packaging is designed specifically for safe shipping. We strongly advise customers to retain original packaging for the duration of their printer’s warranty period.

For customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and the American territories: The customer is responsible for paying shipment fees on warranty parts. Also note that the customer is responsible for shipping the original part back to Ultimate 3D Printing Store, if required.

For customers outside of the US: Ultimate 3D Printing Store will cover freight costs to the customer on unit warranty repairs, but the customer is responsible for any taxes on delivery. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with a warranty return, including the cost of shipping the item to Ultimate 3D Printing Store and the cost of having the warranty item shipped to the customer.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store Inc. ("Ultimate 3D Printing Store" or "") ACTS ONLY AS A CONDUIT TO THE WARRANTY PROVIDER (the manufacturer except where noted) in any of, but not limited to, the following events, warranty providers will not repair products free of charge: physical damage, dropping, spillage, electric shock, etc. The warranty provider will act on their own discretion in these matters, and Ultimate 3D Printing Store is not responsible for their decisions. The warranty provider is the final arbiter of all disputes and will charge for all repairs if they deem that any event voided their warranty.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store IS NEITHER THE MANUFACTURER NOR WARRANTY PROVIDER and shall be held harmless for any actions of the manufacturer or warranty provider, including but not limited to: delays, defective products, or closure. Ultimate 3D Printing Store will not be able to provide Rescue service in the event that the manufacturer or warranty provider ceases to conduct business, or for any reason voids its warranty service, or for any other reason fails to deliver on its warranty obligations.

If your item is returned for warranty repair and after inspection is found to be in working order (or in user error), you will be responsible for all shipping and a diagnostic fee of $50.00.