We love a challenge, so if you have an idea that you want to bring to life or if you simply have a model you want to print, we can help! Besides 3D selfies we offer an enormous array of  full color items. Simply email us a copy of your file or contact us to plan your next project at info@ultimate3dselfiestore.com. One of our experienced representatives will respond to you as quickly as possible.  


Here at Ultimate 3D Selfie Store we have a state of the art 3D printer capable of printing in full CMYK color. Our high quality 3D Systems: ProJet 660 is capable of creating incredibly life-like figurines of people through powder deposition, an additive manufacturing method, to create models with a level of detail up to 100 microns. We often print models for industrial application including, architects, engineers, rapid prototyping, product designers and artists.  

We offer a full-service, 3D Printing Lab capable of printing with a variety of filaments such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, wood, etc... We offer various levels of detail depending on your requirements and budget. 3D printing is perfect for prototyping and smaller projects. If you are not familiar with this technology, most 3D printers can only print an object in one solid color at a time that is preselected prior to output.

Corporate Gifts  

What do you get that special client who has everything? We'll bet they don't have anything like this! This unique and personalized gift will make a lasting impression and remembered for years.  

Are you looking for something different than the usual company pen or branded memory stick? Whether it’s a conference promo product, marketing giveaway, retirement or going away gift, these customized 3D selfies will surely impress your most demanding customers.   

Offer a 3D selfie of your collogue with a personalized message from the team.  Unlike any other going away gift on the market, we can offer you the opportunity to make a customized, full-body 3D scan of the entire team!  Your colleagues will have their own miniature version of the team to take with them wherever they go. You really cannot get more personalized or unique.   

Team Photo

Either as a gift for your employees or an exciting and eye catching centerpiece for your office foyer or latest exhibition, it quickly and beautifully conveys the energy and warmth of your team with a modern and high tech twist!  

Entertainment and Events  

We're Mobile! Why not have our scanning booth at your next event?   

We’ve all seen how much fun you can have in a traditional photo booth. What if you could offer your clients, VIPs and hardworking team an opportunity to have even more fun with a disruptive new technology?  With 3D scanning, they can actively participate in a 3D Photo Booth and receive something completely unusual and unique to their event.  

All scan files are available electronically with your branding and messaging added. Plus, after the event you can send all your guests their 3D selfie as a thank you for attending. Personalized electronic models provide the perfect opportunity to open up a dialogue, post event, to keep your company fresh in their minds!