UltiMaker PVA

UltiMaker PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is a leading water-soluble support material for multi-extrusion 3D printing. It offers you freedom and convenience: to design complex model geometries that require supports, which dissolve away in tap water.

UltiMaker PVA Explained

Reasons to Choose UltiMaker PVA


UltiMaker PVA is at the heart of UltiMaker's market-leading dual extrusion 3D printing experience.

  • Reliable adhesion to PLA, Tough PLA, CPE, and Nylon
  • Non-toxic formula dissolves in regular tap water which can be disposed of safely
  • 100% biodegradable with no hazardous by-products
  • Good thermal stability gives better degradation resistance compared to other PVA filaments
Learn how to print with UltiMaker PVA Learn how to dry UltiMaker PVA Learn how to dissolve UltiMaker PVA


UltiMaker PVA has the following properties:

  • Melting temperature 163 ºC
  • Water-soluble support material
  • Dissolves in ordinary tap water


Many applications can benefit from using UltiMaker PVA support material:

  • Parts with complex geometries and internal cavities
  • Concept models
  • Molds


UltiMaker PVA is officially supported by UltiMaker S7, UltiMaker S5, UltiMaker S3, and UltiMaker 3 series 3D printers, using a BB print core. It is supported for dual extrusion with:

  • UltiMaker PLA
  • UltiMaker Tough PLA
  • UltiMaker PETG
  • UltiMaker Nylon
  • UltiMaker CPE

Example Prints Using UltiMaker PLA

Get Smoother Surface Details and Complex Geometries

Unlike supports printed with build material, PVA 3D printing support structures reduce the chance of scraping and cutting marks on detailed surfaces.

Orient Prints for Maximum Optimization

Preparing a print with PVA gives you the freedom to orient your model in any way possible to customize its strength or aesthetic properties.

Endless Possibilities for Mechanical Parts

Multi-component applications such as ball bearings, ball and socket joints, and caged gear mechanisms can be 3D printed as a complete assembly in a single run.