A tessellation, is a tiling of the plane with no gaps or overlaps. The most common tessellations today are floor tilings, using square, rectangular, or hexagonal shapes.

This project integrates math concepts for developing tiles with a lesson on using offsets, which you’ll need to get the 3D printed tiles to fit together and to create a custom box for your tiles.


Project Objectives

- Design and measure with precision

- Use Components

- Understand lines and splines

- Experiment, generate solutions, and solve problems

- Employ tolerances & offsets

- Prepare a model for 3D printing

Recommended age range 10+
Category: Beginner lesson
Tags: 3D CAD, 3D printing, 3D printed, beginners, design, education, math, tiles
Software: Fusion 360
Lesson Duration: Three 45 minute classes (additional time to print)
Estimated filament use (per person):~0.8-3.0m/~7-21g

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