This project was inspired by an activity at the Garden Street Academy. It is a team/communication building activity where students are divided into teams of three.  Once in teams, students use Tinkercad to create as many parts as possible that fit into a potato in a limited time. This is to get them to problem solve and design quickly, and have them get lots of experience with the printer.


Project Objectives

- Design and measure with precision

- Demonstrate how to align objects

- Understand and execute boolean operations

- Prepare a model for 3D printing

- Experiment, generate solutions, and solve problems

- Work within time constraints

- Collaborate with other designers

- Employ feature tests


Recommended age range 10+
Category: Beginner lesson
Tags: 3D CAD, 3D printing, 3D printed, beginners, design, education
Software: Tinkercad, Openscad, Fusion 360
Lesson Duration: 90 or 135 minutes (including print time)
Estimated filament use (per person): ~2.60m/~21g


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