How to remove Breakaway

Prints using Ultimaker Breakaway as support material will require post-processing to remove the support structures. This can be achieved by breaking the support structures from the build material as described on this page.

Note: It is advised to wear protective gloves when the support structure contains sharp corners or when working with bigger models.

Tear the inner support structure

Start by removing the walls of the support structure with a gripping plier. This allows you to quickly tear away the majority of the inner support structure.

Pull the Breakaway support from the build material

After removing most of the support structure, the remaining part(s) can be pulled from the build material. Use cutting pliers to grab the Breakaway support in a corner and try to carefully get underneath it, then bend it upwards. Repeat this for several corners, so that you can loosen the support from the model around the corners. After this, pull the Breakaway support from the model.






 Peel the last traces from the model

Sometimes a final layer of the support material remains after pulling the Breakaway support from the build material. If this happens, use cutting pliers to peel it off from a loose edge. Any leftover traces on the model can be removed with a tweezer.