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This powerful software's intuitive UI and high compatibility provide a smooth and easy to use creative tool for all FLUX users. Perfect for both beginners and professional creators, Beam Studio simplifies the crafting process and keep your mind focus on creating.

"Beam Studio is super straightforward, but darn powerful"

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Work Across All Platforms

With Beam Studio, you can enjoy a free, full-featured laser engraving service that can work on ALL platforms with NO LIMIT. Beam Studio provides the fast and flexible tools you need to take your creativity to the next level. It's time to unlock your full potential.

*Web version is only supported by firmware v3.5.2 and above
*Recommended web browsers are Chrome and Safari

A One Stop Solution

Beam Studio provides a smooth laser cutting and engraving experience maximized for laser performance. Design within the application, preview your design on screen, through your laser cutter’s built-in camera, drag-and-drop your design or auto align your placement, and when everything looks right, start cutting or engraving. Less wasted material, less wasted time, less effort.

Simple Intuitive Interface

No Fuss Experience

Universal symbols on Beam Studio make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Our drag-and-drop functionality allows you to move your design around freely, while auto alignment and design distribution (for scattered images) takes care of placement for you. Preview mode shows you exactly where your design will be etched, so what you see on your screen is what you get on your product, no surprises.

Engraving / Cutting

For multi-layer projects, Beam Studio can process all your selected actions simultaneously. Cut and engrave at the same time without having to start your project over. Save time and avoid potential errors without learning advanced features or having to use any 3rd party applications.

Preset Parameters

Each material requires a different power and speed parameter to engrave or cut with multiple passes. Beam Studio comes with preset recommendations based on your material to deliver the outcome you’re looking for. For advanced users, change and save presets based on your preferences.

Imagery Arrangement

Save time and waste less material with auto imagery arrangement. With 1-click all of your designs will be arranged to optimize your laser cutting experience and reduce waste. Trying to evenly distribute designs on your canvas? Click Image Distribution on Beam Studio and your designs will be evenly arranged over your working surface area.

For Non-Designers

Fine-tune your engraving designs with a 1-click trace function, simple boolean, quick color adjustment features and more. Skip the design courses, your design comes out exactly as you imagined it.

Compatible with Your Professional Design Tools

Beam Studio supports various file formats


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Affinity Designer

Autodesk AutoCAD




Corel Draw


Adobe Illustrator Integration

Already designing on Adobe Illustrator? Beam Studio is fully integrated with Illustrator, meaning your files can be automatically synced from inside the Adobe Illustrator application. No need to export, convert or import, just a smooth workflow with no logistical interruptions

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Seamlessly Slice 3D Files

Already have a 3D model on Fusion360? Beam Studio supports Dxf and PDF file formats sliced within Fusion. Simply disassemble the engraving files and import them in one of the accepted formats and start the cutting or engraving process.

Be the Creative Hub

Preset Parameters

FLUX laser cutters can connect and receive commands from multiple computers or mobile devices within your office through Beam Studio or Beam Go. Workspace collaboration is easier than ever, leaving your mind to design and create.

Superior Support

Preset Parameters

Each product comes equipped with a visual manual with written instructions accompanied by easy to identify images. Join our Facebook group to learn tips and tricks from our community, or just get inspired. If you’re having any issue with your hardware or software, send us a message using our website chat or email us directly and our responsive team will be sure to provide you with care and communication you need.

Beam Studio

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