Anouk Wipprecht

Dutch Fashiontech Designer and Innovator

FLUX beamo

Compact Design

Sleek, modern and compact, beamo is designed to sit beautifully in any home, school or workshop space.

One-Stop Design to Cut

Equipped with Beam Studio for PC and Mac and Beam Go for mobile, allowing you to edit text and vector files and modify bitmap images

Drag-and-Drop Design

Preview your design and drag and drop it to the exact position you want, or use auto alignment to get that perfect configuration.

User Friendly

Whether you’re a first time user or an advanced professional, beamo makes it easy to go from design to product.

Professional Design

Designers can benefit from Beam Studio’s seamless integration of Adobe Illustrator or import designs from AutoCAD, and even Microsoft Word.

Wireless Integration

Beamo comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for a seamless workflow at anytime and anywhere you are.

Versatile, Powerful & Portable

Fashiontech designer Anouk Wipprecht wanted a beamo at her home office to bring spur-of-the-moment creative ideas to life. Laser cutting allows Anouk to design and create the exact fashion elements she needs with ease.

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